Java Security Image Generator - CAPTCHA SkewPassImage

    This open source project helps with security of the website, protects the site from script and bot attacks. Highly recommended to portals with registration pages, valuable and secure content which should not be accessed by anything other than humans using a standard browser. If at any time the user should feel the need for more image distortion you can change the or or even create a new, your own implementation of ISkewImage.

    Inside the WAR file there is an example of the jsp page creating the security string and passing it to the servlet as an encrypted parameter. A java servlet (image distorter) and string decoder (based on javax.crypto.Cipher and javax.crypto.SecretKeyFactory) to display a skew security image (skewed pass code). Using other standard ImageEncoder/AWT/Graphics2D Java libraries.

    Implementing Captcha with JSF. Someone has added a JSF implementation example. Thanks Someone ;-)

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